Officers & Staff

National Haunters Convention Officers Staff List Whose Who at NHC

Michael Bruner
Michael Bruner, President, Co-Partner
National Haunters Convention

Robert Kocher
Robert Kocher Hightower, President, Co-Partner
National Haunters Convention

Robert Kocher
John Denley "Professor Nightmare"
Director of Press Relations & Media
Phone contact: 508-769-4299

Daelynn Farrell
Daelynn Farrell, Booth Sales & Vendor Liason
Phone contact: 570-606-9590

Indrani Sen
Indrani Sen Hightower, Director of Video Production
Phone contact: 856-981-6239

Chris handa
Haunters Lair and Show Floor Stage Coordinator
Phone Contact: 412-337-6916

Ricky Dick
Ricky Dick "Gravely MacCabre"
TV Hosts and Networks Liaison
Phone Contact: 412-215-5635

Neil Young
Neil Young, Seminar Wrangler
Phone Contact: 267-549-5566

Neil Young
Robert J. Frankenberg, Director of Music
Phone Contact: 631-905-6307

The Officers and Staff page is the whose who for the NHC. This is our current complete list for the National Haunters Convention. If you feel that you have a niche that can be filled and would like to request to work with us as a director or staff member, please feel free to contact us at any time.