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Thinking about joining us as a vendor this year for our show?
- The National Haunters Convention is by far the best overall value for your dollar.

Greetings National Haunters Convention Vendor,

The convention is seeking out worthy candidates from our confirmed Vendors this year to host either a 25 or 45 minute presentation on the Show Floor Stage. The “Demo-mercial”, as we are calling it – is a totally FREE exclusive for vendors to talk about your products and/or services. If you would like to be a part of this and have something to promote or talk about, please answer the following questions and return it via email to the by no later than Friday, April 1, 2011 to be considered for this new and exciting FREE promotional activity. Time slots are limited and the selection of presentations will be based on a variety of things including presentation content, creative and original use of the stage and potential crowd appeal.

A) Not only are our Booths large (10' by 10' in size) with a huge 12'-15' ceiling height but they are also the least expensive in the entire industry starting at only $295!!!

B) Over 60% of the US Population is located within 2 hour of travel of the Greater Philadelphia Region (source: Select Greater Philadelphia, & Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce).

C) Total population in 2008 of 6.1 million people with a Total population of 46.1 MILLION people within a 200-mile radius of downtown Philadelphia in 2009 which is ranked the 2nd most populated location in the entire country.

D) Close to a major International Airport (Philadelphia International - PHL)

E) The Average Income of People living in the Greater Philadelphia Area is $47,580 roughly the fifth highest personal income & per capita spending in the entire country only behind San Fran, New York, Boston and Washington DC.

Income Chart

In addition to the Greater Philadelphia market, we are only a few minutes from the very heavily populated New Jersey area, home to co-owner Robert Kocher. Did you know that New Jersey has the 3rd Most Millionaires in the entire country?

There are nearly 200,000 millionaire households in this state, or 6.22% of the population, earning it a top spot in the country. In addition, New Jersey millionaires do have at least one thing to be thankful for (besides being rich, that is). Their state also has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, as recently reported.

Some Quick New Jersey Facts:
Total number of millionaire households: 197,694
Percent of population that are millionaires: 6.22%
Median household income: $70,347

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Vendor Rewards

"Professionalism is key. The genre of Halloween is perceived as all 'fun and games' by the public; however, for us, it is a professional job, a business and a way of life. Our standards in business, our standards in the industry, and our standards in our conventions should reflect that."
- Robert Kocher, The Village of Darkness

"We should do more to support our vendors! Think about it, when you buy something cool, its like having artists and craftsmen working on your haunted house to make it better! They may be in another state, but it is as if they were working right next to you."
- Ben "Dr. Speculo" Armstrong, NETHERWORLD Haunted House

"The National Haunters Convention feels that the VENDORS are a very important part of the Haunt Community. If we have professional and thriving vendors, then we have a great show for both the public and the Haunted Attraction operators to enjoy.

- It is our vendors who help drive innovation.
- It is our vendors who further the path of creativity.
- It is our vendors who help us achieve our goals with our annual Halloween & Haunt Projects

NHC Chips

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many vendors, and we look forward to seeing you at our convention for many years ahead as we rapidly expand and grow. Our Vendor rewards program includes incentives such as a $5 Poker Chips program in which those Chips are given to the patrons of the convention. These poker chips will be handed out for various games and prizes and events and can be treated the same as cash. At anytime during the event, simply turn in the poker chips to any management staff member for the cash. Our chips help give the patrons of the convention incentive to spend more money with you, the vendors. We thank you for considering our show and look forward to seeing you at our event!


Robert Kocher & Michael Bruner
Founders of the National Haunters Convention, LLC.